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About Sheffield

Sheffield is a hamlet in Cornwall, England, situated near the village of Paul.

Sheffield is thought to have been established to house the workers of the Sheffield Quarry and later the surrounding farms. The settlement was built along the road into Penzance where the quarry’s stone had to be carted for shipment.

After the 1830 Beerhouse Act, a kiddlywink (or kiddle-e-wink), which is an old name for a Cornish beer shop or beer house, was thought to have been set up in what is now No. 2 Lower Sheffield and a paraffin store constructed next door (now No. 1). Kiddlywinks were reputed to be the haunts of smugglers and often had an unmarked bottle of spirits under the counter, however farm and quarry labourers were also known to receive beer instead of wages.

Scenic buses in Sheffield

Penzance | Lands End | St Ives | Penzance open top bus – Lands End Coaster from First Kernow.

Lands End Coaster

Lands End to Penzance open-top.

Visit the south western most tip of the country and take in the sublime views with the wind rustling through your hair from the top deck.